Maubot Plugin List

This site is no longer maintained. Please refer to The Official Plugins Site.

Plugin Name Description
ChatGPT ChatGPT plugin for maubot. Multi-user aware for use in group rooms! Customize your prompts to "train" your assistant contextually.
GifMe Superior gif responses. Giphy has gone downhill, so save your own library of image or video responses. Allows fallback behavior to or Tenor, and can even be used as a drop-in replacement for your current giphy plugin. Optionally saves quotes from users for comedic effect or to be used as an FAQ bot!
Join Disable your bots auto-join behavior, and use this plugin to allow only certain users to convince your bot to join or leave a room. Useful if your bot includes data-sensitive plugins or you are concerned about resource usage.
Create Space Room Creates new matrix rooms and updates their settings to join them to a space automatically. Can define automatic admins, invite people or bots, encrypt at creation time, etc.
Reddit Fetch a random image or link from a given subreddit. Control whether to show content flagged as NSFW, set a default subreddit to use without arguments, etc.
Stock and Crypto Ticker Use two commands to return stock-market data or crypto exchange data.
Activity Tracker Matrix community activity tracker. Logs minimal activity of users in rooms, and can compare user lists (space members) to the activity database. This allows you to generate reports of members of your community that are inactive for a certain number of days.
Matrix Registration Bot Interact with your matrix-registration endpoint to generate registration tokens (invites) for your matrix server. Depends on matrix-registration!
Welcome Simple plugin to send a greeting to people when they join a room. Can optionally send a notification that someone joined the room to a separate "control room".
Alternating Caps Plugin that repeats the previous message in the room using aLtErNaTiNg cApS a la "mocking spongebob" meme.
Dice A maubot plugin that rolls dice of a configurable number and sidedness, and also does calculations.
ReactBot A plugin that can be configured to automatically respond to messages that match predefined rules. Extremely flexible and useful for many purposes.
MauHelp A plugin to add a !help command to maubot. Returns all built-in help commands for all plugins loaded in the client instance.
Reminder A plugin to set and manage reminders.
RSS Bot Subscribe to RSS feeds in a room, and post their updates.
sed A maubot plugin that does sed-like text replacements in previously sent messages.
Servers A plugin that checks the version of the servers participating in a matrix room.
TMDB Bot A plugin to get information about movies and tv-shows from TMDB (
Translate A maubot to translate words and messages using Google Translate.
Urban Maubot A plugin to fetch definitions from Urban Dictionary. Returns a specified or random entry.
xkcd A plugin to fetch xkcd comics and subscribe a room to new comics.
maush A plugin to execute shell commands in maush from Matrix.
Disruptor A plugin that disrupts people's monologues with pictures.
Songwhip A plugin that looks for links to music, and automatically returns a Songwhip link. Because no, not everyone has Spotify.
Karma A plugin to track the "karma" of users.
Webhooks Dynamically expose and process webhooks. This version supports multiple webhooks per instance of the plugin, but all webhooks within that instance share authentication tokens (if provided). Supports GET and POST, as well as message formatting.
Webhook Send messages to matrix rooms by using webhooks. Supports Jinja2 templating, JSON support, and HTTP Basic and Token Bearer authorization. Each instance provides a single webhook.
Factorial Calculate expected and unexpected factorials in messages.
Media Automatically post the MXC URI of images uploaded to a matrix room.
Echo Echo messages sent to the bot, and test ping/pong response time for your message to reach the bot. Useful for testing things!
Exec Execute arbitrary code passed to your bot. Use with caution!
CommitStrip Fetch CommitStrips comics and get notified of new comics.
Support Portal Manage a customer support portal on Matrix. When invited to a room, the bot will announce its invitation to a management room, where one of several people can claim the task by joining that room.
GitLab A GitLab client and webhook receiver for maubot. WARNING: This plugin uses a synchronous library which can block the whole maubot process.
Github A Github client and webhook receiver for maubot.
AltAlias A maubot that lets users publish alternate aliases in rooms.
SatWComic A maubot to fetch SatWComics and get notifications about new ones.
manhole A maubot plugin that provides a Python shell to access the internals of maubot. Use with caution!
Subreddit Linkifier A bot that condescendingly corrects a user when they enter an r/subreddit without providing a link to that subreddit.
Giphy A bot that generates a gif (from giphy) given search terms.
Trump Tweet A bot that generates a Trump tweet with the given content.
Poll A bot that will create a simple poll for users in a room.
Twilio SMS Bridge Maubot-based SMS bridge.
WolframAlpha A bot that allows requesting information from WolframAlpha.
Icinga Ping Check A maubot that sends pings to the echo plugin and sends any replies as passive check result to Icinga 2. WARNING: This plugin uses a synchronous library which can block the whole maubot process.
Weather A bot to get the weather from and return a single line of text for the location specified.
YouTube Previewer A bot that responds to a YouTube link with the video title and thumbnail. WARNING: This plugin uses a synchronous library which can block the whole maubot process. See this developers "Social Media Download" plugin instead.
Reddit Previewer A bot that responds to a link of a reddit post with the sub name and title. If available, uploads the image or video. WARNING: This plugin uses a synchronous library which can block the whole maubot process. See this developers "Social Media Download" plugin instead.
Pocket A bot integrating with Pocket to fetch articles and archive them.
Metric A bot that will reply to a message that contains imperial units and replace them with metric units.
URL Preview A bot that responds to links with a link preview embed, using Matrix API to fetch meta tags.
Auto-reply A bot that sends automated replies when you're away, and shows you a summary of missed messages when you come back.
Alertbot A bot that recives monitoring alerts via alertmanager and forwards them to a matrix room.
HAss Webhook Bot A bot receiving webhooks from Home Assistant.
OvGUMensaBot A bot that automatically sends meals from OvGU canteen every day.
Token Bot A maubot to create and manage your synapse user registration tokens.
RedactBot A bot that immediately redacts any posted file (except for whitelisted types).
ntfy A bot for subscribing to ntfy topics and posting messages to Matrix.
Random Quote A plugin to answer with a random quote from a configurable list.
Holopin A plugin to issue Holopin badges to users.
Headlines Search for events, topics, or news stories, and your bot will return the most popular matching headline from
Perryfier Post an image, and say something about a noun in the picture. Your bot will add a brown fedora to the picture where appropriate! Can also be called on-demand.
MauGitea A Gitea client and webhook receiver for maubot.
Social Media Download Download content from various social media websites, given a link. Supports Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube.
ScoldBot A maubot plugin that monitors a room to watch for bad / abusive language or behaviour and gives the room members and admins the tools to deal with it.
Inviter Bot A maubot plugin that syncs user-groups from an identity management like Microsoft Azure Active Directory or LDAP to Matrix rooms. This way you can create managed rooms where users are automatically invited or kicked depending on their membership in a specific user-group. Permission-levels like "Standard" or "Moderator" as well as room permissions are also managed by the bot.
LDAP Inviter Bot This is a maubot plugin that invites users to Matrix rooms according to their membership in LDAP groups. It was built in an educational context, where groups of students work on software projects. The bot ensures that participating students are invited to all rooms (general chat, announcement-only, helpdesk & their group chat) and that tutors have correct power levels in the corresponding rooms.